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Logitech PRO Racing Wheel for PS and PC driver

    Logitech PRO Racing Wheel for PS and PC driver and software

    Here you will get the latest Logitech PRO Racing Wheel for PS and PC driver and software that support Windows and Mac OS

    Logitech PRO Racing Wheel: A Game Changer for Professional Racing Simulators

    The world of racing simulators has taken a giant leap forward with the introduction of the Logitech PRO Racing Wheel. Designed for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, these cutting-edge accessories promise to deliver a professional-grade connection to the race, ensuring a thrilling and immersive experience for sim drivers. In this article, we will delve into the features, installation process, and driver details of the Logitech PRO Racing Wheel, as well as how to set it up for optimal performance.

    Installation Process and Driver Details

    The installation process for the Logitech PRO Racing Wheel is straightforward, 

    To install the wheel, follow these steps:

    1. Install the appropriate driver for your operating system from here

    Logitech G HUB

    Logitech G HUB lets you customize your gaming mouse, keyboard, headsetS and other devices settings in Windows.

    New Features and device support added :

    • Mp3 Support
    • Steamlabs desktop
    • G racing adapter
    • Multiple games features added

    Supported Windows OS

    Windows 10 (32-bit ,64-bit) Windows 11 (32-bit ,64-bit)

    Logitech PRO Racing Wheel for PS and PC G HUB for Windows Download (39.61 MB)

    2. Attach the wheel to a desk or a racing seat using the redesigned clamping system, ensuring a secure fit.

    3. Connect the wheel to your PC, PlayStation, or Xbox using the provided USB cable.

    4. Configure the wheel’s settings, including button assignments and force feedback options, using the Logitech G Hub software.

    5. Experience the next level of racing simulation with the PRO Racing Wheel and drive to win.

    Model Description

    The TRUE FORCE feedback technology revolutionizes your sim racing experience, bringing in-game physics, road conditions, and motor vibrations to life with incredible precision. Priced at $999.99, the PRO Racing Wheel’s Direct Drive system delivers 11Nm of force and ultra-low latency for the most realistic connection to your virtual car. The PRO Racing Wheel’s layout boasts an intuitive “thumb sweep” button placement for maximum control. 

    Easily mount the PRO Racing Wheel to your desk or racing seat using the quick-release clamping system. For a personalized racing rig, mix and match with other Logitech G racing gear and take advantage of the Racing Adapter for on-the-fly brake force pressure adjustments.


    Direct Drive

     With 11Nm of force and an ultra-low-latency response, the PRO Racing Wheel offers an immediate connection to the car, enabling drivers to experience the most authentic racing simulation possible.

    TRUEFORCE Feedback Technology

     Logitech G sim wheels have been transformed by TRUEFORCE, which allows drivers to experience in-game physics, road conditions, and motor vibrations with near-instant precision.

    PRO Layout

     The extensively tested “thumb sweep” button layout has been designed by professionals and enthusiasts worldwide, ensuring optimal placement of buttons and dials for maximum control during races.

    Magnetic Gear Shift Paddles

     Equipped with a magnetic system and contactless hall-effect sensors, the gear shift paddles provide a positive, mechanical feel that accurately simulates a professional race car.

    Dual Clutch Paddles

     The analog pedals grant drivers the freedom to configure their setup and offer a dual-clutch system for a perfect advantage at the starting grid launch.

    Integrated Game Settings and LED Display

     This feature allows drivers to configure wheel settings easily and RPM LED patterns across five onboard racing profiles on the fly.

    Easy Mount with Quick Release

     The redesigned clamping system enables desk-based drivers to mount and remove their wheel effortlessly while retaining standard bolt holes for those mounting to a racing seat.

    The Ultimate Professional Racing Simulator Experience

    Were you ever wanted to go Pro? The Logitech PRO Racing Wheel sets a new standard for professional racing simulators, offering an unrivaled level of realism and immersion for sim drivers. Its high-performance Direct Drive and TRUEFORCE feedback technology provide an unparalleled connection to the race. Its customizable features, such as the magnetic gear shift paddles and dual-clutch paddles, ensure optimal control during races. With easy installation and the ability to mix, match, and upgrade your simulation game.


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